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This is a series of works that pay homage to the Compilation album and 7-inch Split Post Marked Stamps released in 1999 by Tree Records in the United States, featuring bands from the Emo, Post Rock, and Indie Rock genres. Soul Ameria Records had been on hiatus since their last release in 2003, but they are relaunching with the Post Marked Stamps series, starting with jacket printing, folding, and distribution in a DIY fashion.


SEMENTOS (from Tokyo/Shinjuku) - The powerhouse of Japanese alternative rock, "SEMENTOS," appears on Post Marked Stamps #3. This eagerly awaited release features three new songs that showcase Fujimura's signature style. Evolving from the fusion of JAWBREAKER and Chiharu Matsuyama, they open a new door with their ambitious work. The depth of the lyrics, which carefully and boldly illuminate the realities of society, and their unique perspective shine through.


Older (from UK/London) - Emerging from London, UK, screamo band Older openly acknowledges influences from Touché Amore, La Dispute, Birds In Row, and On Might of Princes. Their greatest appeal lies in the contrast between calm and intensity, transitioning from aggressive guitar riffs to melodic passages and launching into explosive sing-along parts.

Sementos x Older - post marked stamps #3 CD

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