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This is a series of works that pay homage to the Compilation album and 7-inch Split Post Marked Stamps released in 1999 by Tree Records in the United States, featuring bands from the Emo, Post Rock, and Indie Rock genres.


biliardo (from Tokyo/Ikebukuro) is an Emo Screamo band formed in Tokyo in 2021. Their split with Pyre marks their first physical release. They are influenced by a diverse range of genres, including Envy, 5000, Heaven In Her Arms, Mineral, Penfold, and Endzweck. Their music is characterized by passionate vocals that express a wide range of emotions, a sense of urgency, and impressive song structures. They are a new generation Skramz band.


Pyre (from the US/Philadelphia) is a five-member band based in Philadelphia. Their sound truly evokes the melancholic Emo bands of the '90s, as if transported back to that era. They sing with a mix of sadness and vulnerability, creating a strong sense of nostalgia.

Pyre x Biliardo - post marked stamps #4 CD

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