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This is a series of works that pay homage to the Compilation album and 7-inch Split Post Marked Stamps released in 1999 by Tree Records in the United States, featuring bands from the Emo, Post Rock, and Indie Rock genres. Soul Ameria Records had been on hiatus since their last release in 2003, but they are relaunching with the Post Marked Stamps series, starting with jacket printing, folding, and distribution in a DIY fashion.


We Are On Fire (from Germany, Bremen) - Making their first introduction to Japan with the release of Post Marked Stamps #2, We Are On Fire is a two-piece indie guitar rock emo band from Bremen, Germany. Lela (drums) and Nico (guitar) share a love for 90s emotional hardcore bands and are strongly influenced by them. Despite being a bassless sound, they create a captivating atmosphere of fragility and nostalgia, using the spaces between the sounds. The transitions from pastoral melodies to urgent beats and the occasional screams from Lela shake the listener's emotions. Recommended for fans of Leiah, The Blue Period, and more.


Cuthbarts (from Sapporo) - Formed in 1995, Cuthbarts has undergone several lineup changes to reach its current formation. They have released three full albums and limited singles and splits. The current members are Tsutsumi (vocals & guitar), Muraoka (guitar), Horota (bass), and Sato (drums). In 2020, they released an album of singles and rare tracks exclusively through Norway's Slow Down Records. Their solid and accomplished playing skills, backed by their long career, continue the tradition of 90s emo, delivering a weighty and highly stable sound. Their music evokes a sense of delicate beauty reminiscent of Mineral's "EndSerenading" and captures the imagery of the northern landscapes. Recommended for fans of Mineral, Christie Front Drive, Last Days of April, Bufferins, and more.

Cuthbarts x We Are On Fire - post marked stamps #2 CD

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