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This is a series of works that pay homage to the Compilation album "Post Marked Stamps," released in 1999 by Tree Records in the United States, featuring bands from the Emo, Post Rock, and Indie Rock genres. Soul Ameria Records had been on hiatus since its last release in 2003. Still, they are relaunching with this series, starting with jacket printing, folding, packaging, and distribution through a DIY approach.


Burial Etiquette (From Canada) - A young Canadian Emo Screamo band hailing from Ontario, consisting of Jaccob (guitar/vocals), aged 24, Ryan (drums), aged 24, and Ophelia (bass/vocals), aged 28. They have been influenced by 90s post-hardcore bands like Unwound, Rodan, and Slint and early 2000s Emo Screamo bands like Funeral Diner, Saetia, Envy, and I Would Set Myself On Fire For You. Their emotionally-charged, hook-filled songs intertwine female vocals and screamo elements, creating an intense yet fragile sound.


Undermark (From Nagoya) - Formed by Tomo Sato (vocals/guitar), who had been actively involved in bands such as The Sun, Sprint, Anma, Cuthbarts, End All, and Ro, with a focus on the Sapporo live house KLUB COUNTER ACTION. Inspired by Tomo's relocation from Sapporo to Nagoya, he joined forces with Junpei (guitar) and Ryohei (bass/vocals) from Crows Caw Loudly, as well as Yuta (drums) from by the end of summer, to form Undermark. Tomo has been influenced by intense 90s straight-edge band vibes and bands associated with Doghouse Records, Initial Records, and Ebullition Records, gradually steering towards an emotional musical style. He expressed that Undermark represents his desire to pursue his favorite music genuinely, acknowledging that it might be the last time he starts a band from scratch in his career.

Burial Etiquette x Undermark - post marked stamps #1 CD

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